What is treasure basket play and why is it important?

We live in a world where a child’s toy box is dominated by plastic! I don’t know about you but I find my little girl gets bored of plastic toys very quickly. Why? well plastic is a little bit….BORING! Plastic toys may look different in size and shape but they all feel, smell and taste, like plastic! Lacking the sensory stimulation which babies need to learn.

Treasure baskets are a great way to stimulate all of your babies senses. They are made up of carefully selected natural objects or non-man made items, such as pine cones, wooden spoons, feathers and fruit.  As these items are so different, it captures their natural curiosity encouraging babies to explore, textures, taste, smells and sounds.

If this sounds like fun to you, come and join our Little treasures class where we explore treasure baskets each week. The class on Mondays at The Chessels Centre at 11am.

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