Bemi Baby Terms and Conditions


Booking and payment is completed through our online booking page, When completing your booking, please make sure that you complete all of the information required on the booking page, in as much detail as possible. 

Completed registration indicates that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions.

Confirmation of place

Your place is secure once the booking page is complete and payment is made. You will receive an automated reply, from our booking site, confirming your place. Closer to the start date of the class, we will e-mail you with full class details.

Twin discount

We appreciate that it can be costly to attend sessions with two little ones, therefore Bemi Baby offers discounts for twins, if brought by one adult sitting within the teaching circle. Please contact us directly for a 50% discount code (50% off one child).


All classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cannot attend a class (including holiday and sickness) you may offer your place to a friend, provided you inform your class teacher. 


Parents/ carers are asked to keep their little ones at home if they are poorly or have a serious infection. If your little one can not attend class due to illness/ infection, please inform us as to the nature so that other parents can be alerted.

Please keep your baby at home if he/she:

  • Shows any signs or symptoms or corona-virus or if you or anyone else in your house hold has been intouch with anyone with covid symtoms in the last 14 days.
  • Has a fever or has had one in the previous 24 hours
  • Has had an upset stomach or diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours
  • Has heavy nasal discharge
  • Has discharging eyes

Has symptoms of a possible communicable diseases such as:

  • Measles
  • Chicken pox
  • German measles
  • Whooping cough
  • Impetigo
  • Scarlett fever
  • Hand, foot and mouth disease
  • Norovirus

We cannot offer a refund for a class missed due to illness, however you may offer your place to a friend. In this instance please contact us.

Cancellation of Classes policy

Bemi Baby will endeavor to run all classes. However, should we need to canceI a class due to staff sickness/ adverse weather conditions/ health and safety concerns. Parents/carers will be contacted as soon as possible via phone and email. (Please check Bemi baby’s Facebook page regularly and make sure your phone number is kept up to date).

An additional class will be offered if we have to cancel a class or refund against a future term’s fees. Regrettably we cannot automatically offer cash refunds.


Your little one must be supervised at all times and not left unattended. The Class teacher cannot be responsible for a child at any time. 

An important part of Little Treasure/ Little Explores is to allow children time to play independently. Although babies are encouraged to explore independently they must still be supervised. 

Withdrawal of service

Should a parent/ carer or associated visitor behave in a way that the teacher feels is unreasonable then Bemi Baby reserves the rights to withdraw the provision of classes to the client.

Commitment to Equal Opportunities

Bemi Baby has a commitment to ensure that the equipment and activities are value and worth to everyone regardless of race, culture, language, gender, age, experience, religion, background, ability or disability.

Data Protection

Any data provided to Bemi Baby will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to any other parties, as outlined in our Data Protection Policy.

Videos, photographs and confidentiality

We love you taking and sharing photos of your little ones during our classes, this is provided it does not interfere with the activities. Please always be sensitive of taking pictures of others without their permission. If you are asked to stop, please do respect their rights.

The class teacher or occasional professional photographer may take marketing photographs. We will ask verbal consent from parents/carers at the beginning of every session. If any member of the group does not wish to have their or their little ones photo taken, please inform the class teacher.

Protection of property

Please note that property left in prams or bags is your responsibility and Bemi Baby cannot take any responsibility for the safeguarding of these items.

Health & Safety and Hygiene Policies

Bemi Baby have a policy in place to ensure that we create a fun, stimulating and safe environment for everyone who attends our classes. 

  • Full public liability insurance is provided and can be viewed if needed.
  • Older siblings are not allowed to attend unless invited.
  • We complete a register at each session.
  • Babies must be supervised at all times. The accompanying adult is fully responsible for the baby’s care, behaviour and health and safety during the class. The class leader cannot be responsible for a child at any time.
  • Parents and carers are asked to remove their shoes while in class. 
  • An annual risk assessment is carried out to identify aspects of the environment that need to be checked on a regular basis. These form the basis of the daily risk assessment, which is completed by the class teacher before the start of each session.
  • Treasure basket/heuristic play items are not toys. When using a treasure baskets/ heuristic play items, your child should always be supervised. 
  • Resources and equipment are cleaned and checked each time they are used and damaged toys and equipment are immediately removed for repair or disposal, as appropriate.
  • Please take away used nappies, unless there is a clearly marked designated nappy bin at the venue.

Queries & Complaints

We hope you will be delighted with your Bemi Baby experience. However if you have any questions or complaints, please speak to me at the end of the session or email I will do my up-most to resolve the issue.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Bemi Baby from time to time updates these Terms and Conditions. It will inform you of changes through email and you have 14 days to opt out of accepting changes in writing. These terms and conditions were last updated on the 18th February 2021.

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